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Kankara Abduction: More Missing Students Appear From Bush


Kankara Abduction: More Missing Students Appear From Bush

Special Adviser to the Katsina state Governor has said that more students from the boarding school in Kankara that were earlier missing have appeared from the bush.

BBC Hausa service report on Tuesday, revealed that over 500 students of the school were abducted by gunmen.

The Special Adviser, however, said they have no knowledge of the purported claim by Boko Haram leader, Abubakar Shekau that his group abducted the students.

Speaking in an interview with the BBC Hausa, Alhaji Abdulaziz Maituraka ,SA to the Governor of Katsina, said some of the students were coming back on their own.

According to him.” security agents are there working thoroughly, by now other students might’ve been found. ”

” As I’m talking now, more students are coming out from the bushes. The solders are rescuing them.”

“We would not like to have conflicting figures… but if we are a little patience, the soldiers would soon give us the actual figure .They will give us the actual information of those who have appeared .”

“Now we’ve information of over 17 ….we are hoping that by now, efforts have been intensified to rescue more.”

” if I give a figure now, it is bound to change later because there are still these children in the custody of those people .”

“By the grace of Almighty Allah, they are going to rescue all the children .”

On the claim purportedly by Boko Haram leader that they were the abductors of the Kankara students, he said just as people saw, they too saw the claim on social media .

“We saw on social media that Boko Haram was laying claim on the abduction. But whatever it is, our prayer is for Almighty Allah to bring back those children .”

On the earlier story that negotiation was going on between the gunmen and the government on ways to rescue the students, whether they are bandits or Boko Haram, he said it was wrong for people to insinuate and advised people not to be telling the public what the security agents have not said.

“Security agents are in the bushes… if there is any progress or any development, what we need from the public is prayer,” he said.

Meanwhile, parents of the missing children have continued to besiege the school so as to hear from the authorities about their missing children.

The BBC Hausa also reported that security was beefed up in Kankara town as military and police vehicles were spotted in strategic locations.

A mother told the BBC Hausa that prior to the abduction, they were called in the night that her son was asthmatic. However, before they could get to the school, they learned the children were taken away.

“We only met his belongings. He was abducted. We are deeply worried. Some of his siblings have become ill due to the trauma of missing him,” said the affected mother.

A father who travelled from Zaria in Kaduna state to Kankara, told the BBC Hausa that he has never been so disturbed in his entire life .

” I’ve lost my parents, I knew that was destined to happen. But this is so disturbing .The minister of defence had explained effort put in place to rescue these children. We wish them well, may Almighty help them.” he said .

The BBC Hausa reported that when the gunmen invaded the school and were shooting sporadically, about 20 students escaped.

“When they heard that they were being followed, they put off their bush lamps and ran for their lives..”

One of the students, Osama, who escaped from captivity on Saturday and was on drip in his family home, told the BBC Hausa that when they scaled the fence and ran, the bandits were asking them to return back.

“We thought they were policemen, they drove us inside the bush. I am a sickler, I couldn’t endure the long I found a tree and sat down .When they went further, I stood up,” he said.

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