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Dynamic OF Nature & Humanity by Adewale Kayode Joseph


Dynamic OF Nature & Humanity by Adewale Kayode Joseph

Boom! It is 12 0′ clock twenty twenty
January 1st splendour parties plenty
Prophecies emanating from the sacred alters Unalloyed they call them
Events in the golden year revealed
Hossanah jubilation rent the cross domicile
Un-observing of the coming dynamics.

The heavenly bodies remains the same
Climate change becomes a cliche
Of meteorologist oddity and relics
Summer on a transitional expectations
For the reign of rain
Un-observing of the coming dynamics

Missiles Invention and its proliferation
Becomes the romanced world fear
Super blocs on red alert
For the next earth fire baptism
Nagasaki and Hiroshima testimonies
Phobia for the conservative
Un-observing of the coming dynamics
That brings equality of humanity with it

There was Holocaust
There was Spanish flu
There was earthquake
There was Great war
There was volcanic eruption
There was Amazon fire rage
There was Ebola
There was Lassa fever
The world head up high against all upheavals
Nothing is ever general
Un-observing of the coming dynamics

Soothsayers predilection clouded
Prognostication became blinded
Nothing was ever true
Even if it was predicted
And then it finally landed in Wuhan
But Wuhan was never winterfell
Despite the victory after victory
Of world powers, it couldn’t be curtailed
All continents on lock down
Except Antarctica, which is the west of westeros
Un-observed dynamics is eventually observed

Alas! The world trembles and shaken with fear
Political Alliances are bridged on solution
This is not politics
Religious activities on compulsory strike
This is not jumaat or Sunday service
After all, good is not all good
And evil is not all evil
Classless society cannot be achieved
But there can be classless virus
Now, we can see!
Coz the greatest forms of blindness is gone!

Science and technology on the run
The only hope of humanity
No dragon-glass for covid-19 yet
The world await in fear!
And Prayer to the omnibenevolent God
Remains questionable
On the alter of His omniscience

Humanity must survive
That is the general slogan
Dynamic of nature is a constant syndrome
Humanity on self imposed sit-home
Is it true?
There is a causeless cause
For its outbreak
To show supremacy over its subjects
Unscientific they call it
Implausible they term it

Apparently, confusion is an integral Part
of our natural existence.
Long night shall pass
Long day shall depart
And free the world of its confused state
Nothing is ever constant.

Written by ✍🏻: Adewale Kayode Joseph (Joe)

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