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Who am I By Ananwureyi Ohine Joy


Who am I By Ananwureyi Ohine Joy


I believe that, more often than not, we constantly need to remind ourselves of whom we are; who we TRULY are. In this world, we would always be faced with situations, circumstances and trials that will make us seem like we are less than who we ought to be – this is why we need to be reminded constantly, whether by ourselves or through others of who we are.

Who am I?

Who are you?

Who are we?

Is our identity defined by name? By DNA? By our country? By our age? Or our career? By our environment? By our family?

Indeed, who we see ourselves as can stem from many things; and almost everything we do or say can be influenced by how we see ourselves.

Life can be hard and staying motivated through the hardships can be a struggle. We get so busy with the daily details of our life that we forget our true identity. However, we need to take a break and constantly remind ourselves of our true place. Maintaining and constantly reminding ourselves of our true identity strengthens our character, helps us to live our purpose, have confidence and emerge as stronger individuals. Surely, it makes the huge difference.

As for me,
I am a peculiar person.
I am a royal priesthood.
I am special.
I am created to make my own mark.
I have a unique identity.
I am God’s workmanship.
I am strong.
I am a fighter.
I am loved.
I am Hope when all skies are blue.
I am OHINE .
I am JOY.
I am a Queen.
I am moreeeeeeeeeeeeeee…

Who are you?

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