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Open Grazing: VOTSPON Lauds Southern Governors, Calls for Sack of Malami


Open Grazing: VOTSPON Lauds Southern Governors, Calls for Sack of Malami

The Voice of Southern People of Nigeria, VOTSPON, has lauded the Southern Governors for their stance on open grazing, which according to the group is a right step in the right direction, it also called for the sack of Attorney General of the Federation, Abubakar Malami over his recent remarks on open grazing.

The group made its position known in a statement issued on Sunday by its field mobilizer, Comrade. Ikem Anthony Kalzeeni.

“We members of the above body and the radiant formidable voice of the Southern People of Nigeria, here by officially endose the ban on open grazing in Southern Nigeria by Governors of Southern Nigeria.

“We do not only endose the ban but will fully implement the ban across the entire Southern Nigeria. The ban on open grazing is long overdue and indeed a welcome development in the entire Southern Nigeria. We therefore, wish to officially through this Press Release mandate and instruct all our compatriots and numerous members in the entire Southern Nigeria, from States to local Governments down to local wards, to as a matter of urgent concern with immediate effect start the implementation and enforcement of ban on open grazing across the entire Southern Nigeria.

“We completely reject the shoot-at-sight order by the Inspector General of Police given to his men and women in the South East, it is tyrannical, undemocratic and sensless.

“We have been reliably informed that the Police Command in Anambra State has said the order given by Ag. IGP Usman Baba to personnel to take the war against crime and criminals to their dens was not targeted at innocent and lawful citizens in the South -east. However, we reject the shoot-at-sight order completely as it poses threat to lives of innocent citizens of Nigeria from the eastern region of Nigeria.”We are deeply worried and disturbed about the increasing level of highly calculated deliberate attacks on security agents and national assets in the South Eastern region of Nigeria. It is indeed a disturbing ugly development that requires absolute sensitive careful approach in confronting to avoid mistaken identity in trying to arrest those behind the unacceptable attacks.

“The shoot-at-sight order by the Inspector General of Police, is not the solution to the current challenges of insecurity in the south east. We completely reject the shoot-at-sight order by the Inspector General of Police given to his men and women in the South East, it is tyrannical, undemocratic and sensless. Is that how the inspector general of Police gave shoot-at-sight order to his Men and women in the North fighting Boko Haram and bandits? That double standard nonsense theory of selective Justice must stop henceforth.

“Buhari uttered 97% versus 5% & excludes Igbos from appointments. IPOB was declared a terror group for demanding referendum. Boko Haram islamist terror elements are regarded by Buhari as “misguided brothers”, while killer Fulani herdsmen Invaders are our neighbours that our local farmers should accommodate. Absolutely unacceptable!.

“It is also disheartening that the Attorney General of the Federation, Mr Abubakar Malami has chosen to be highly irrational and unreasonable in reasoning. He has indeed questioned Nigeria’s unity. Extremely unfortunate.

“It’s laughable and extremely unfortunate that AGF Malami equated spare parts traders to killer herdsmen. What’s the correlation between spare parts sellers in a rented shop and invading Fulani herders destroying farms, killing and raping our women while arrogantly and with provocative impunity trampling on people’s private properties and means of livelihood? Such irrational, divisive, sensless, unintelligent remarks and statement from the Chief legal officer of the Federation is absolutely unfortunate and highly embarrassing.

“We here by call for the immediate and unconditional sack of the AGF. We call on President Mohammed Buhari to sack the AGF and replace him with a more capable person to head that highly sensitive position of the number one legal officer of the federation. We have the local shoe makers and repairers as well as nail cutters not excluding “bureau de change” business mostly done by the Fulanis and are operating in all parts of Southern Nigeria, and they are living peacefully in Southern Nigeria without crisis with their host communities.Why? It is because they live and do their business peacefully without any harm or problem with their host communities.

“It is the conquest experimental adventure of the murderous activities of invading Fulani herders that have given rise to the current demand for laws that will bring about peaceful coexistence of all Nigerians. The ban on open grazing by the Southern Governors will be implemented to the fullest and has come to stay regardless of what Mallami thinks or feel about the ban.”

The group commended Ondo State Governor, who doubles as the Chairman of the Southern Governors Forum, over the statement issued to counter Mallami’s stance.

“we are hopeful that he, and the other Southern Governors, will match their words with actions. We are ready and on standby to ensure they Match their words with action because we will help them implement the ban with or without their approval as long as the official proclamation of the ban has be made in Asaba, Delta State, Nigeria.

“Sadly, we are gravely disturbed and outrightly disappointed by the shameful silence of the Governors of South East Nigeria, to whom the AGF’s statement was directed at. The statement of AGF, which targeted law abiding Igbo people carrying on their legitimate commercial activities, the AGF irrationally and deviously compared the sale of spare parts to the practice of open grazing.

“It is common knowledge that the motor spare parts business is dominated mainly by people of Igbo extraction while the practice of open grazing, is predominantly practiced by the Fulanis. Unlike the spare parts business which is peaceful and does not result in the loss of lives or properties,the Fulanis who engage in open grazing, routinely destroy farms,kill farmers, rape women and girls,who resist the destruction of their farms by the cows,herded by the Fulanis. “Comparing the movement of human beings (Igbo spare parts sellers) which is a constitutionally protected right, to the freedom of cows to roam about and destroy properties and farmlands,is disingenuous and an affront to Southerners and humanity. Absolutely irritating and unacceptable.”

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