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NITDA Warns Nigerians Over Money-extorting Cryptocurrency Virus, IGVM Ransomware


NITDA Warns Nigerians Over Money-extorting Cryptocurrency Virus, IGVM Ransomware

Nigeria’s National Information Technology Development Agency (NITDA) has issued warning to Nigerians over a new computer virus that has the ability to damage sensitive information.

The virus, according to NITDA is known as IGVM Ransomware, it is a a file that prevents access to data such as documents, photographs, and videos, according to the agency.

The agency’s Head of Corporate Affairs and External Relations, Hadiza Umar disclosed this yesterday, Saturday in a statement forwarded to newsmen.

She said the virus “corrupts the computer by encrypting files with the IGVM extension and attempts to extort money from victims by requesting for ransom in the form of Bitcoin cryptocurrency in exchange for access to data.”

Web injectors, pirated software, spam emails, malicious software bundles, fake software upgrades, and deceptive online adverts, she said, might all be ways for the crypto-virus to propagate.

“The primary task of IGVM ransomware virus is to check your computer system for target file formats and encrypt them using a private Rivest–Shamir–Adleman (RSA) key and once the virus locks the files, it then runs several commands via Command.Exe to delete Volume Shadow Copies from your system.”

“It equally prevents the victims from restoring their file copies for free, using Windows tools.”

Usman added that the virus has the ability to modify the system files by adding some domains to the Windows Host.

“These domains are mostly computer or IT-related websites. So the attackers capitalise on this measure to prevent the victim from seeking help or information online,” she said.

She reminded Nigerians to ensure that all vital data is regularly backed up and recovered.

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