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Insecurity: ELFON writes President Buhari, Security Chiefs, Nigerians

Press Release

Insecurity: ELFON writes President Buhari, Security Chiefs, Nigerians

The Emerging Leaders Forum of Nigeria (ELFON) and conveners of PROJECT UNITY NIGERIA has released a mind blowing discovery over the rising state of insecurity in the country.

READ the release below :

A war is never fought and lost until the will to fight ceases.

The Afghan military has superiority in numbers, better training, sophisticated equipments, gears and logistical support. But they could not put up even a 24 hours fight in defense of Kabul. They just melted away into the frantic crowd fleeing Afghanistan.

The day the Nigerian military loses the morale and will to fight for a largely ungrateful people that make a mockery of their daily bloody self-sacrifice is the day Nigeria will cease to exist and we will all end with it.

Our police force has been a deliberate target of destruction by the enemies of this country. Since the endsars, they have continued to bleed the police with a thousand cuts. Unprovoked killing of police officers, burning down their stations, destroying their vehicles/equipments and digging up dirts against their best hands and brains not for justice but for hate sake while we applaud have left the police wounded, bleeding profusely and presently without the will to fight criminals.

We are left only with our military which has equally come under heavy attack by the enemies of this nation who are cheered on by an unvigilant population blinded by sponsored idiotic hate for a 78 year old man!
Let’s take away our idiotic hate blanket covering our minds for a moment and imagine what will happen when we wake up one morning to hear that our troops have all deserted their positions.

The President will leave to a life of luxury retirement with his family to a rich Arab nation as a permanent guest of the King and probably get a UN job as an international mediator or something because of his transparent honesty and sincerity of purpose even though he appears being slow to action.

Top government officials, civil and public servants, rich business men, politicians and Nigerians with dual passports will slip away to foreign lands with their families.

Nigerians with sense, knowing what will follow will sneak away into neighbouring countries before they slam their borders shut because no country needs refugees of 200 million lawless stiff-necked people steeped in corruption.

Nigeria will be carved up by criminals and terrorists and the country will be one huge battlefield as these warlords fight to control territories and resources.

Bokoharam will take over North East and will be in constant battle with bandits who have carved out and controlled territories and resources of the North West. The battle for Zamfara by bandits and Bokoharam to control gold mines will be the fiercest.

The ethnic militias fighting under religious banners in the North Central will carve up the area and rule them as tiny ‘theocratic’ kingdoms while the different militias will try to assert overall influence in the region but their expansionist interests will be met with bloodshed by the Nupe, Tiv, Igala and Jukun militias etc.

Benin republic seeing the chaos and sensing an opportunity for influence and control will make a deal with Igboho for free open borders, then release him and offer him all the logistical and military supports he needs to take over South West.

Niger Delta militants will carve up the South South. Asari, Ateke, Boy Loaf, Tompolo etc will slug it out for control though Tompolo seems to have an edge.

IPOB will take over the South East and within 6 months will break into 5 factions with each faction controlling a former “South East state” and there will be constant war as the factions fight it out among themselves and with Niger delta militants for control of oil fields and oil facilities as well as corridors to the sea.

You only need to look at a once prosperous Libya and Somalia to get a real life picture of the scenario we are fervently working to create here in Nigeria with our blind contrived hate over nothing.

What will be your hope and gain as we are wittingly and unwittingly helping the enemies of our nation to destabilise this country into irredeemable ruin by our daily ridicule, denigration, mockery and demoralization of our military that has shown gallantry in the fight against local and foreign forces that continue to amass strength to destroy us?

Yes, why help our enemies to destroy our military that has shown bravery and uncommon love to fatherland by sacrificing their lives, the love of loved ones, the comfort of their homes and the future of their families to keep us safe from a thousand battle fronts inside our country and outside at our borders sponsored by the enemies of this nation and which are all threatening to swallow us all.

Only a biased mind looking for reasons to cry when no one is beating him will not realize that our gallant and patriotic military is the only thing we have keeping Nigeria and if it goes, we will have that cry we have been looking for since 2015 to the fullest until there will be no water in our body to form tears again!

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