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Police Sergeant Stabbed Colleague To Death in Bayelsa


Police Sergeant Stabbed Colleague To Death in Bayelsa

A police sergeant identified as Governor Akpos yesterday stabbed his cousin, Yerins Sapele, who is also a police sergeant to death over what eyewitnesses described as minor disagreement in the Edepie area of Bayelsa State.

According to friends of the two policemen, the cousins attended a marriage ceremony at a popular hotel along INEC road in Yenagoa metropolis, where they had minor jock the deceased cracked on the table they were seated.

It was learnt that Akpos who is said to be short-tempered didn’t feel happy about the joke and reacted to the joke in a violent manner.

According to sources, they were almost engaged in fisticuffs, when friends stepped in and settled the two policemen.

It was further gathered that after the peace between the two policemen was reached, the two brothers left the venue with belief that they were going to their separate homes.

According to the source, the vengeance hungry Akpos, instead of going home, trailed Yerins to a secluded place and stabbed him with a dagger on the left part of the ribs which killed him instantly.

Background investigation revealed that both Akpos and Yerins are cousins from Torugbene Community, Delta State, serving in Bayelsa State.

However, the Nigerian Police Force, Bayelsa State Command, is yet to react to the incident.


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