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N100Million Challenge And Davido’s Super Donation To The Orphanage


N100Million Challenge And Davido’s Super Donation To The Orphanage

By: Busy Brain

For the past few months, one who is familiar with my writings and updates on pages of newspapers, either Nigerian Tribune, the Nation, or any of the online platforms would observe a hiatus. Countless times, I have been challenged by associates, friends, fans through calls and text messages for not writing for a long time. Jokingly, someone said the reality of life has dawned on me beyond writings. Of course, the reality of life has dawned on a larger portion of average Nigerians as a result of the current economic downturn. But for not putting my thoughts together like before, it is not about reality in the dawn, it is about the negligence, the jabberwocky, and disjointed governance in Nigeria. One with deep thought will lose interest in virtually everything in Nigeria. Massive killings, aggressive increase in the price of products and services, among others are the reality facing Nigerians without egress.

While my pen and paper were maintaining siesta, Nigerian virtuoso, David Adeleke, popularly known as Davido just stirred my pen and reasoning faculty as a result of his massive 100 Million naira challenge which later sum up to 200 million naira.

In less than 48 hours, the Osun-born popstar made huge millions of naira from fans, lovers, families, friends, and well-wishers to celebrate his birthday. Initially, many derogatory remarks have been slammed on the singer for demanding money in the public. Of course, such development is rare for a billionaire who is the son of a billionaire to start begging for money on social media. Funnily enough, he said he wanted to use the money to clear his Roll Royce. Least of wonders that he never disclosed the premise of his sudden hustles. He kept it within himself and play along by not responding to jibes and taunts. Incredible!

What Davido did has never been done by any celebrity in Nigeria. When it comes to charity and offerings, Nigerian celebrities lack courtesy in that regard. They rarely help themselves not to talk of citizens. Davido has taught many how to celebrate birthdays, how to entrench charity, and how to give back to society.

Had Davido announced what he wanted to do with the money, such donation will never see the rays of light in millions. What people do with their money is none of anyone’s business but credit must be accorded to one whose instinct propelled others to unknowingly engage in the act of charity. What a blessed soul!

If not for anything, Davido deserves honor and encomiums from all quarters as he broke another record among counterparts. I’m a lover of music in general but now a lover of Davido in particular. The level of charity that runs in Adeleke’s family is one to be reckoned with. Davido has won many hearts for his gesture and not only for himself but for his uncle in a gubernatorial race in Osun State.

Davido’s second moniker should be wisdom for adding his personal 50 million naira to the money donated. It is a big shut up for anyone who would think he cannot offer his personal money to the orphanage if not for donations. The likes of Obi Cubana and other giant contributors should embrace the precept ingrained. Jamboree and profligate spending to stir jarring din and hourly hoopla in the media should not be a priority.

The government has failed the masses and Davido has led the struggles to take over to render help with utmost accountability. He has made his part count in the forest of the brave and he has initiated a legacy for generous minds. Happy birthday to superman. The one in a million!

Busy Brain is an award-winning writer, journalist, columnist, Public Relations Practitioner, he writes from Offa, Kwara State.
Twitter: @BusyBraincom1
Instagram: @Officialbusybrain
Facebook page:
WhatsApp: 08169197486

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