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Popular Nollywood Actor, Lateef Adedimeji Speaks About Plan To Marry Next Month To Actress Bimpe


Popular Nollywood Actor, Lateef Adedimeji Speaks About Plan To Marry Next Month To Actress Bimpe

After months of speculation about his relationship with actress, Bimpe, popular actor Lateef Adedimeji finally opened up about the love affair between the duo and plans to get married next month. In this interview by Segun Adebayo of Nigerian Tribune , Lateef speaks about his wedding plans among other issues.

We have been listening to gists about your plan to marry your colleague and friend, Bimpe. Is it true?

Is there something that people don’t hear these days? We all hear different things about ourselves on a regular basis and you begin to wonder where and how people get to know about it. But then, that is life for you and we can’t wish it away. So, responding to your question, it is true that Bimpe and I are getting married. It is happening. Whatever you might have heard before now, I am confirming it to you that it is happening.

But you once told me you can never marry an actress let alone Bimpe. You said this. Do you remember? So what changed?

Many things have changed since you and I had that discussion because I remember vividly what we talked about then and what my response was. I know that one day you will ask me what changed about my decision, but what I can tell you is that when certain things happen in your life, you may not find the right explanation for it because the truth of the matter is that both of us can’t even explain it. It all started suddenly. I wish I could tell you more.

You can tell me more. I remember asking if you would settle down with an actress you were rumoured to be dating. It has turned out to be true.

We started dating this year, March to be precise. Those days when people said we were dating, there was nothing like that. People only speculated because we became really close and did a number of jobs together and we became fond of each other. It was not something that we both saw coming. One day, after a lot of back and forth, we sat down and said to ourselves we could make this work if we put our hearts together and show more commitment and love to each other; then we realised that we could not even do away from each other. So, the journey started and we are here today.

So when are you walking down the aisle with her?

We are getting married this December. We are already making plans to make the day a special one.

You have fallen in love with an actress and you are getting married next month; do you really think you are ready for this next chapter in your life?

I am ready for not just this next chapter of my life but for the next chapters of our lives. You know people keep asking me if getting married now is the next thing for me and I asked them, how do they decide what happens next in anyone’s life? This is something we have both thought through and we are putting all our hearts into this new journey. We have both come a long way and I think we are getting into a new life that would change our lives for good. We are truly excited about this.

What was the attraction for you when you look at how it all started?

We have been friends for a while and we both understand ourselves pretty well. Like I said, it was not something we both planned; it was just a friendship that we nurtured and paid attention to. We respect each other and what we share and that, for me, is a big attraction, because we are both in the limelight at the moment. So, it is not a function of one attraction; it was a function of different attractions that led us to where we are today. I am happy about this new journey.

Your profile as an actor has been on the rise and it seems everything you touch now turns into gold. Your wife-to-be is equally building a brand for herself in the industry where you both play. What do you make out of this?

We are both professional thespians who have been giving a lot to the movie industry in Nigeria in different ways. I am grateful to God that the rewards are trickling in but I am focusing on getting better and giving the very best of myself at every point it is required. I don’t make all these things happen because I am special or by being the best, it is the grace of God. I am not the most hard-working actor in the industry, but I do my job well and pay attention to details. Then I try to keep myself abreast of information that could help shape my career better.

I heard that some people, especially some of your female colleagues, are not happy that you chose to marry Bimpe and it is said to be causing a lot of bad blood between you and them. Is this true?

The fact is that when you decide to live your life the way it pleases you or you choose to take a new step, some people will begin to feel uncomfortable and it is normal. I am aware that since the day we decided to take our relationship to the next level, we have had more enemies than friends but you can’t stop that from happening. You can, however, choose to allow it get to you or move on with your life. I have heard people say that ‘why is he getting married now? What is wrong with them? Do they even know what they are getting themselves into?’ Different questions and allegations have been raised, but we are focused. I don’t have any grouse about anyone. I am just focusing on my life, career and future.

How is your wife-to-be handling this moment?

She is in high spirits. She is as excited as I am. We are both looking forward to a wonderful union together.

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