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Woman Accused of Having Illicit Affair With Rector Breaks Silence, as Fedpoffa Threatens Legal Action


Woman Accused of Having Illicit Affair With Rector Breaks Silence, as Fedpoffa Threatens Legal Action

Ms Bankole Aminat Adebukunola , Wife of the ‘dismissed’ Lecturer of federal Polytechnic Offa, Aderemi Bankole, has broken her silence over alleged Illicit affair with the rector of the institution, Fedpoffa.

Contrary to the allegation, the wife, Adebukunola narrated her own side of the report which is making the rounds on the cyberspace.

Adebukola described her purported affairs with the Rector as false, unfounded and an attempt to soil the reputation of the Rector.

Giving a detailed account of the case, Mrs Bankole said she has already filed a divorce case at the Upper Area Court sitting in Offa, Kwara State since June, 2020 which Mr. Bankole had on a several occasions absconded from the sittings. She said she has been separated with the husband for the past nine (9) years and never heard of his whereabouts since 2012.

Narrating her ordeal, she said she had a premature birth in London while the baby was kept in incubating machine. But her husband (Mr.Bankole) neglected her and never asked of her or the baby.

Talking about the 2 years of separation Mr. Bankole quoted in vanguard newspaper, she said :” as against the two years he quoted, we have separated for about 9 years. Our children were still in primary school then and now two of them are in higher institutions.”

On the alleged affairs with the Rector of The Federal Polytechnic Offa, she said it was only an insane thought to think she was having an affairs with the Rector who happens to be his friend.

According to her” There is nothing of such between me and the Rector. He (Bankole) happens to be a friend of the Rector and Dr. Sholanke whom he also indicted of having affairs with me. I’m not moved by his madness but attaching the Rector to this case is annoying me. If he wants to fight me personally, we are already in court, but why attaching the Rector who is innocent of the allegations just to destroy him. I have no affairs with the Rector or anyone in the Polytechnic.

Talking about reconciliation with her embattled husband, she said” in 2015, he (Bankole) brought his family for reconciliation but he was the judge and the prosecutor of his own case. That meeting was not successful because of his attitude. He forwarded a message to my father in 2015 with derogatory remarks. He indicted all his friends of having an affairs with me, not only the Rector. He is insane.”

“When I gave birth to the baby in London, he abandoned me and accused Dr. Sholanke of being the father of the baby. He can only recognize one out of his three children. He neglected them and never bothered about their well-being for the past 12 years”

Wife Speaks About Brutal Attack and Physical Assault

Mrs Bankole further narrated how she was brutally attacked by Mr. Bankole in 2015. She was allegedly injured, battered by him when he attempted to forcefully get their child in his custody.

“He kidnapped my little son on the 25th of Sept. 2015, a boy he alleged he is not the father. I traced him to a filling station at Ikirun and in the process, he hit me on my head. I eventually collected my son from him at old garage in Oshogbo. He has been mad right from time immemorial. The marriage has been full of abuse and domestic violence. I have never known peace till l separated from him. He is a sinking fellow that wants to pull people along,” she said.

The Polytechnic Legal Unit Speaks On Defamation, Ready For Legal Battle

The legal unit of the Federal Polytechnic Offa has reacted to the allegation against the Rector of the Polytechnic and described it as defamation and character assassination. The Legal unit recalled that Mr. Bankole had once been served a letter for abandoning his duty post for many years after he took TETFund money to study abroad which led to his exit from the Polytechnic. The legal department therefore challenged Mr. Bankole to give evidence of sexual relationship that have existed between his neglected wife and the Rector or face legal battle for defamation.

Legal Pundit Speaks On Divorce Case

Speaking on the divorce case filed by Mr. Bankole in High Court sitting in Ede that birthed the false allegations, a legal practitioner, Barr. Esther Faremi faulted the divorce suit against Mrs Bankole, adding that it was Mrs Bankole that first filed a divorce case in year 2020 which Mr. Bankole never appear in court to defend.

She said :” her wife is ready for divorce and already filed a case, He should go and answer the case. He wants divorce and there is already a divorce case already on ground. He has never been with the woman for the past nine (9) years, he has never taken any responsibility on the children in the last 12 years, that’s irresponsibility. He has been judicially separated from the woman already.” Filing another divorce case in Osun when one already subsist in Kwara is malicious and an abuse of court process.

The Position of Law On Divorce Ground

There are many grounds that state the condition of divorce in the court of law. It is outrightly stated that:

“If your spouse has deserted you for a continuous period of at least one year immediately preceding your case for divorce ( desertion in this case is basically when the other party abandoned marriage).

” If your spouse has been absents long enough to be legally presumed dead (7 years) under evidence act, when someone is missing for up to seven ( 7) years, he or she can legally be presumed dead under the law.”

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