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Nigerians Reacts To Divorce Report of Ooni of Ife


Nigerians Reacts To Divorce Report of Ooni of Ife

Some Nigerians have taken to social media platforms to react to the “divorce” of Oba Adeyeye Enitan Ogunwusi, Ojaja II and Prophetess Naomi Silekunola.

While some lauded the ex-queen for her decision to take a bow out of the royal home, some took swipe at the monarch over the pregnable statement issued by the Prophetess on the personality of the the foremost traditional ruler, which according to the mother of Crown prince is different from the image he is portraying to the world.

Below are some of the reactions:

An Instagram user, Asologe wrote, “What is hidden to man, God clearly sees all. We didn’t love you because you were the Queen. We loved you for YOU! We loved your personality! We loved your Person. God bless and guide you on your new path. We clearly also can tell where the problem is.”

Another user, aderiounke posted, “It is well with you. Not that it matters, but I am solidly in support of whatever decisions you make for the sake of your mental and emotional health. Inú yín á dùn kalé.”

Oluwabusiolahmie stated, “Thank you for the honesty, Queen. Marriage is the most loving and also hardest institution to be put through. I know your decision to move ahead would have been a tough one. God continue to keep and bless your prince.”

A user convenant11 commented, “For this adorable and respected woman to divorce the Ooni, something unknown to the public is definitely wrong with him. I respect her decision.”

Another user, yeancah31 reacted, “I love u so much ma, God will lead you ma in all your ways… This breaks my heart.”

Dunmayo said, “You actually move my spirit with this bold step. Truly when God is done. He is done!!! May the Lord help us all and may you be okay after wear the shoe… You know where it hurts. Love… Hugs and light from here Ma’am.”

Rae.balogun posted, “Sending you so much love and may God continue to guide you on your journey. You are a true model of the awesomeness of God, Queen Silekunola.”

In an outburst, olimarpot said, “Omg why did Oni allow this. So sad to read de gift of God maketh rich n adds no sorrow ur son will bring u all de love God bless u.”

iampholargold stated, “You are the only one that can make the best choice for yourself and that, you have just done. I appreciate your strength and respect you so much. It is well with you ma.”

tadeboye 72: “Olori, why, I love you so much with the grace you carry your position, may God continue to bless and guide ur steps.”

adesanyajuliana stated, “Wow! In all, thank God and move on. You know better, no one else will understand you no matter how much you explain. Do whatever gives you peace and happiness. I wish you the very best of life.”

rizstenah said, “The most important thing is your sanity, the baby and your happiness, take good care of yourself.”

hon.eybeaut commented, ”Jesus Christ! May God guide you Queen… This is heartbreaking.”

oolajumoke_ wrote, “Wow… God will see you through, he will be your light and your comforter. It is well Sis.”

royal_diadem 11 posted, “It takes a strong mind to move on. Well done Queen of our hearts. Congratulations on the New Era. Grace all the way.”

checkersfabrics stated, “Your reign as the Yeyeluwa of the source was peaceful, loving and beautiful. It is well with you and all yours. You are a Queen forever Sending you lights & love.”

larrybonnke wrote, “I hope you think carefully before making decisions. Internet will never forget all the testimonials you made before marrying Ooni of Ife. Think wisely.”

Some sets of persons noted that the Ooni might possibly be the source of the problem and not the women who are leaving him.

chika_squared wrote, “The Ooni should check himself sha.”

hon.l.a_amhandin stated, ”Be like say this Ooni get Issue o na this second time be dis.”

badassridee commented, ”This Ooni must be the problem not the women. How can one man marry & divorce every two or 3yrs. Not funny.”

official_phadavincent opined, “A lot happens in marriages, traditional rulers are fetish to d core, forget the attire outwardly, inside is damn scary.”

In August 2017, a former queen to the Ooni, Queen Zaynab-Otiti announced that she was leaving the Ooni.

She went on to change her name on her verified Instagram handle, from Olori Wuraola Ogunwusi to Queen Zaynab-Otiti Obanor.

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