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An Incursion into Raping By Oluwatoyin Hawal Momolosho


An Incursion into Raping By Oluwatoyin Hawal Momolosho

By: Oluwatoyin Hawal Momolosho

In Nigeria of today, raping has become the main menace in our country. About two days ago , I read one of my brother’s pieces, Abdulganiyu Abdulrahman Oniyere, an advocate of Peace and ambassador of Islamic Studies. When I got deep in thought in his piece, I became well inspired to write my own, too. Though it was written by him in 2020, but I comprehended a lot there to speak out. I am glad to have read your piece.

As we know that, “appearance shows the manner” – true! Whatever you want to do, make an appearance as the first choice for you to succeed in it. A lot of girls have taken modern wear as their lifestyle dress such which exposes all their secure things in their bodies, and goes a long way to destroy most girls’ lives and future.

The nature of insecurity in Nigeria, if examined, will be inexhaustible. Kidnapping, raping, armed banditry, abductions, and of course, terrorist attacks are among the main forms of insecurity that Nigerians face today. Meanwhile, Nigeria’s true colour now is totally bad and dangerous. Today, girls dress abnormally around the road and street with some unthinking of the outcome of it.

The society is the largest home for the youth, and is the most corrupt, devilish, and bad influence which children encounter that causes damage to their future.

First advice for our girls nowadays is to maintain their movement and their clothes. Because those two are the essential things to deal with for our girls. You dress out half-naked and ask why you were rape? It’s because you called for customers and that’s why they came. And any of your movement, maintain it if you want to get rid of all the nonsense happening in the country.

Moreover, parents lack training children well nowadays. In some families, male children are not well trained. Likewise, female children. And worst case scenario, most boys get on the street to succeed outside there, and out there, nobody caters for them. And when no money is forthcoming in the hustling engaged in, they find their way to join bad gangs, and later graduate to criminals in the society.

In conclusion, every social organization has a role to play here. There must be daily or weekly orientation for male and female about sex education. Because, the change should start from individual houses before every institution takes steps on it. Society of reform should be brought into the realm of reality. Not to leave out how government must take up roles to curb the society of this ill with adequate orientation given on sex and how to dress modestly.

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