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Sanction: 5 Things Chelsea Can No Longer Undertake


Sanction: 5 Things Chelsea Can No Longer Undertake


The sanctions placed on Chelsea owner, Roman Abramovich means that activities at the London club will reduce to a very small percentage of what it used to be in terms of day-to-day management and revenue generation.

To start with, since Abramovich can no longer make money in the United Kingdom due to the ban, it means he can no longer sell the club like he had wanted to.

The UK government sees Chelsea as a significant cultural asset and has handed the club a special licence – which would be kept under constant review, that allows them to continue operating despite the sanctions placed on the owner.

Even though the team will carrying on honouring fixtures, here Vanguard lists some of the activities Chelsea as a club can no longer undertake

No new signing
As it stands, as long as sanctions on Abramovich remains, Chelsea would no longer be able to sign new players into the club

No contract extension
The likes of César Azpilicueta, Andreas Christensen and Toni Rudiger who are out of contract in June would not be able to renew, in the event that they wish to remain at the club

No sales of game tickets
Supporters who have not bought game tickets before March 10th would no longer be able to do so. Only season ticket holders would now be able to watch games at Stamford Bridge.

No revenue from sales of merchandise

Since Abramovich can no longer make money in the UK, sales of club merchandise can no longer go on after March 10th. The club has, however, been given the option of selling through third parties.

Limit of spending

Chelsea is now allowed to spend not more than £20,000 for honouring away games and a maximum of £500,000 for security, catering and stewarding per game for homes games.

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