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Angry Youths Go on Rampage After Truck Crushes Two Young Men Death in Lagos (Graphic Photos)


Angry Youths Go on Rampage After Truck Crushes Two Young Men Death in Lagos (Graphic Photos)

Some angry Youths went on rampage after two young men crushed to death by a truck at Eleganza busstop in Ajah area of Lagos.

According to a medical doctor who was at the scene to attend to the victims, the men might have survived the ghastly accident, if things worked properly in Nigeria.

The doctor said that after the truck hit the men on a bike, locals gathered to burn the truck and take videos of the injured, instead of trying to get them medical help.

He added that one of his colleagues who was at the scene called emergency services and the police station “all to no avail”.

He said that soldiers who drove by tried to get passing buses to covey the victims to the hospital but no one was willing to volunteer their vehicle.

The doctor said that when he arrived, he performed first aid and took the victims to the hospital but one of them died on the way.

He then took the body to the police station but the police officers were more concerned about why he owns an iPhone.

The doctor said the victims were breathing for one hour thirty minutes after the accident and might have survived if the emergency and ambulance service in Nigeria works as it should.

When police arrived at the scene, they shot into the air to disperse the protesters but this angered the mob and they chased the police officers into the Eleganza building at Ajah.

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