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Reactions Trail Death of Lady Who Raised Alarm of Being Shot in Kaduna-Abuja Train During Bandit Terrorists Attack


Reactions Trail Death of Lady Who Raised Alarm of Being Shot in Kaduna-Abuja Train During Bandit Terrorists Attack

A young lady simply identified as Dr Chinelo who alerted the public of being shot last night by bandit terrorists who attacked Kaduna-Abuja train has reportedly died from the gun shot injuries sustained during the daring attack.

The train according to report had over 900 passengers onboard when the tragic incident happened.

When Chinelo raised alarm of being shot in the attacked train, some tweeter users were dragging her for raising false alarm.

Some users on the micro-blogging platform have taken to their handles to mourn the death of the young lady, accusing those that supposed to rescue her of being heartless when the deceased needed their attention.

Below are the reactions to her death:

“Here is Dr Chinelo , One of the Abuja-Kaduna Train Passengers who didn’t make it out Alive from the Attack.

Rest in Peace, Dr Chinelo.

💔💔💔Nigeria happened to you!”

@i_am-ilemona: “All Chinelo said was “Pray for me.” That is all she said. She was then targeted and subjected to abuse by a group of vile and evil creatures. Cos she was shot and asked for prayers so she could survive.

“This thing hurt me to my marrows!!!

” You didn’t want to pray for her? Unlook!!! Scroll down!!! Move on!!! Instead you gathered in her mentions and cussed her out. Called her names. Made her spend he last hours being subjected to hate & vitriol because you don’t want your slave master to look bad.

“Nigeria will happen to you people. The story of what happens may not make it to the TL. But Nigeria will happen.

“And you will remember when you trolled a victim of a terrorist attack. And help will elude you.”

“Like, she simply asked for prayers knowing that might be all she has left. People are wicked, may God comfort her parents… This is a lot. Her last tweet will remain forever with those replies attached to it for her family to read. I feel broken”. @sholawa

“It’s so sad. While we pray for her, let it be a reminder to everyone. We need to be kinder, we need to be better. Even if you don’t pray, just be kind, it never hurts. May she rest in peace and may Nigerians understand that we are humans first.

“Who knows just maybe we were all she needed to pull through. If she had seen comments like Hang on!, fight on!, we are with you in spirit, maybe just maybe, she would be here with us,but alas. It’s well. I keep pray for a better Nigeria”. @Mz_MariaC

“Chinelo didn’t make it. 😪😪 living in Nigeria is a death sentence” . @theIgboWolf

“I argue that Nigerians are a very terrible people. Look how best they thought to respond to late Dr. Chinelo. Zero compassion. Zero kindness. Often complaining of their leaders when the leadership is often a reflection of them.
If home is the mouth of a shark, is it still home?😩 “. @mazpa-md

“She spent her last hours being abused by ‘patriots’; because she asked for help and prayers as she lay dying 🥺 #chinelo”. @Ose_anenih

“Look at this man’s tweet on Chinelo’s last post. This is the type of people Nigerian APC government is creating, heartless set of people. Abolore, may death never depart from your family, may sorrow be part of your life forever, as Chinelo family mourn, may you mourn too. Amen!! “. @adaigbo-2022

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