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Students should use ASUU Strike To Engage in Beneficial Dealings By Ayomide Ishowo


Students should use ASUU Strike To Engage in Beneficial Dealings By Ayomide Ishowo

Ayomide Ishowo

It’s not longer news that the ASUU declared a nation wide strike since over a month ago, and that has made the higher institution students, especially those in federal institutions to sit home forcefully.

However, students should not just use this rare opportunity  of the ASUU strike to just sit home doing nothing, they should strive in using the opportunity to do something that will be a great benefit to them after the strike, be it learning a trade or getting a job that will be a benefit to them at the end.

And it is of great importance to also advice students to use this scarce opportunity to be closer to God than ever before, because He’s the only solution to  man’s problem, we have to move very close to Him for things to move smoothly and effectively.

Nevertheless, we should not also cease to use this great time and rare opportunity to learn some other efficient and magnificent things like  learning the act of writing, singing, photography and creative designs as the case may be.
In addition, we can also learn trades like barbing ,bag making, aluminum, shoe making, catering and some other relevant trade, just to make sure we are not just staying at home.

However, they have been some cases i evidently told my colleagues this, in which they solidly agreed with me, and now most of us are now fixed into  our respective vocation of learning and job.

So  it’s hereby imperative and significant for us to find things to do during this period of time,as the ASUU strike might linger till middle of the year 2022.

ISHOWO, Ayomide .
Gmail : Is**********@gm***.com

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