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Strike: Nigerian Students Lament Over Impasse Between ASUU, FG


Strike: Nigerian Students Lament Over Impasse Between ASUU, FG

Several students of Nigerian Universities are lamenting over the grievances caused by the impasse between the Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) and the Federal Government (FG) of Nigeria.

The two parties, ASUU and the Government are currently on their own terms of actions, the former, ASUU are currently on eight weeks strike , which according to the union is the only way, the Federal Government (FG) can consider their grievances and meet their demands.

While, the Federal Government is also playing its own role by the inauguration of 7-man committee to renegotiate 2009 agreements with ASUU and gave the committee three months to re-negotiate with ASUU.

However, in a phone call conversation with Mohammed Idris, a 300L student of Public Administration, Usmanu Danfodiyo University, Sokoto about his intentions and what he perceives about the current situation of ASUU Strike, he said;

“The strike is relenting my entire plan about my future, from the year I had been offered admission to Udus, I planned to get marry after my programme, but the first year in the Campus after been confirmed as a student on 2018, we went to 3 month strike”

” After that Strike, then followed 2020 indefinite strike which lasted for nine (9) months, and here we are now, facing another three months strike. Am tired of every years strike and I have no other hopes than to wait and graduate since am in semi-final year “, he added.

While speaking with Ahdulsalam Sanusi Fafana, a 200 level student of Federal University Birnin Kebbi (FUBK) on who is to be blamed between ASUU vs FG, in his speech he blames the Federal Government (FG) for not fulfilling ASUU demands,

“Federal Government are really to be blame because, it’s the responsibility of any Government of a country to fix the pot holes of the educational system of their country”

“In my view as a student; I always put that, the educational system of a country should be on the top list of any country’s budget, so that the educational activities will be carried out conducively”, he said.

However, in an interview with Ismaila Zubairu, a 300 level student of Federal University Dutsin-Ma, about the current situation of the two parties (ASUU vs FG) and what he thinks of them.

In his words, “The two parties are to be blamed, because each of them have there own role to play;
The Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) supposed to find a way of requiring there demands not going to strike every year and delaying the pretty dreams of the students”

” While, the Federal Government (FG) are playing dull, instead of sympathizing the Youth (Students) of it their country by meeting the demands of the opposite party, so as the students can went back to school”.

” As am speaking to you, there are some rumours that ASUU are going to extend the 8 weeks strike to another 16 weeks by the end of this progressive strike, if the Federal Government is doing nothing.
And what I perceived is, both the two parties have no sympathy for there Students, they are kind of ‘ Do the best that suits you”,he said.

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