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Meet ‘Tallest’ Man, Laisi Who Served 3 Alaafins of Oyo (Video)


Meet ‘Tallest’ Man, Laisi Who Served 3 Alaafins of Oyo (Video)

The Alaafin of Oyo’s palace is one of the historical places in Yoruba land which houses many workers.

The longest -serving worker in the palace according to empirical record is a man regarded as the ‘tallest’ (baba giga) in the palace, Morenikeji Laisi.

Laisi alias might not be unconnected with his height and stature.

Vreporters reliably gathered that, ‘Baba giga’ as fondly called has served three different Alaafins namely; Alaafin Oba Adeniran II, Alaafin Ladigbolu, and the just transcended Alaafin, Oba Lamidi Olayiwola Adeyemi III.

In this interview (not recent) with BoN, Laisi spoke about his journey in the palace as reported by Taiwo Abiodun.

BoN: What is your name ?

Baba Kekere : My name is Morenikeji

BoN: Morenikeji what?

Baba Kekere: Morenikeji Laisi

BoN: What do you do at the Palace

Baba Kekere : I run errands for the King

BoN: Since when have you been in the Palace?

Baba Kekere: I have been here for a while

BoN: How many Kings have you worked for?

Baba Kekere: I have worked for three Kings

BoN: What is the name of the first one you worked with?

Baba Kekere: I have worked with the father of the current Alaafin, [Alaafin Oba Adeniran Adeyemi II] , Alaafin Ladigbolu, and the present Alaafin Oba Lamidi Adeyemi III

BoN: How old are you?

Baba Kekere: My date of birth was not recorded at the time I was born

BoN: Then you must be up to 100 years old

Baba Kekere: Yes, of course

BoN: We are informed that you are the tallest in this palace

Baba Kekere: [ laughs] Yes, I am the tallest

BoN: Where are your children?

Baba Kekere: They are in the Northern area

BoN: How many wives do you have?

Baba Kekere: I have only one wife

BoN: Where is she

Baba Kekere: She is at home

BoN: Is she taking good care of you very well or should I help you look for another one?

Baba Kekere:I don’t want another one , it’s money that I want now! [ laughter]

BoN: What did you call your name again?

Baba Kekere: Morenikeji

BoN: Thanks a lot, I am humbled.

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