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How I Spent 14 Years For Five Years Course, AKSU Graduate Chronicles Experience


How I Spent 14 Years For Five Years Course, AKSU Graduate Chronicles Experience

A recently graduated student of Agricultural Engineering, Isang Ekpo, has chronicled how he spent 14 years for five years course at Akwa Ibom State University (AKSU).

Ekpo, an indigene of Etinan Local Government Area, Akwa Ibom State, wrote his final examination and is set for graduation after spending more than a decade in the state-owned Varsity.

The elated graduate took to his social media pages after writing his final examination on Thursday, Ekpo on what he titled, “14 Years Gone But God Remain King” recounted series of undeserved disciplinary measures meted on him by the school management as well as life’s threatening police and court cases on grounds of unverified accusations which saw him a decade and four years in the University.

He expressed gratitude to God, renowned Nigerian Human Rights Activist, Omoleye Sowore and other men of goodwill who were instrumentals for him to weather the storms and noted that his story is that of resilience and unfathomable practical manifestation of confidence.

“14 years (2008) after completing secondary school education at the age of 16.

“13 years (2009) after being offered admission to study Mechanical Engineering at the University of Uyo.

“9 years (2013) after my admission slipped through my fingers due to incessant intimidation and harassment from cultists.

“8 years (2014) after the University of Benin cut off mark didn’t favor me.

“8 years (2014) after I was told I had gained admission into Akwa Ibom State University via supplementary list but my registration number was invalid and my initials appeared twice on the list.

“7 years (2015) after I finally got admission into Akwa Ibom State University despite the setback of the previous year.

“A total of five jamb attempts between 2008 and 2015.

“5 years (2017) after my second sister graduated.
3 years (2019) after my immediate younger sister graduated.
3 years after my fourth sister got admitted (2019).
1 year after my third sister graduated (2020).

“3 years (2019) after I advocated for a female student that was gangbanged by four male students and the University didn’t seem to take action until I posted about it on social media.

“30 months (November 2019) after a high-profile politician paid a mere Jambite to post an article that involved three-count of defamation of character.

“20 months (September 2020) after being suspended indefinitely for refusing to honor a nonexisting invitation letter planned by the former Dean of Student Affairs Uniuyo, former Vice-Chancellor of Akwa Ibom State University, now the Commissioner of Works and Fire service in Akwa Ibom State, A Father, Husband, Uncle, Cousin, Patron and Grandfather, Professor Eno James Ibanga.

“18 months (November 2020) after, a Professor in the Mathematics department said to me, “Whether you’re guilty or not you’ll be guilty because of your beards. How dare talk about the Governor as if you’re a better person”.

“18 months (November 2020) after one of the panelists said, “my friend this is a university, not a court, you can’t antagonize anyone here to get your certificate”.

“18 months (November 2020) after the Dean of Student Affairs at Akwa Ibom State University tried forcing me to accept the fact that I collected an invitation letter that was never sent as an attempt to cover their tracks.

“18 months (November 2020) after I asked for the original letter with my signature, the original copy received by me, and my department stamp as proof that I truly received the letter and refused to come. (I was sent out of the office with disparaging words),” Ekpo shared.

Narrating further, Ekpo shared how he contemplated suicide because he had no one that gave a listening ear to his own part in all the hurdles he went through. Maintaining that he was the talk of the town as it got to a point his photograph was designed at the school gate for gross misconduct to create public awareness on what he wasn’t guilty of.

“17 months (December 2020) after contemplating suicide since no one believed in me.

“16 months (January 2021) after my picture was posted at the school gate for gross misbehavior for an offense that never existed.

“15 months (February 2021) after I appeared at the panel without proof of my crime, all they said was, “Do you know the Governor is a father, how dare you!”.

“14 months (March 2021) after I was apprehended by the Nigeria Police Force following the instruction of the Chief Security Officer of Akwa Ibom State University and his accomplice.

“11 months (June 2021) after I was expelled for a different accusation that contradicts the original. A failed attempt to hide their improper approach to the case.

“11 months (June 2021) after the Current Vice-Chancellor claimed I was expelled from the University of Uyo without telling the world about my crime. PDP WhatsApp group did their normal dissemination of the false news without verification.

“10 months (July 2021) after appearing at the Governor’s panel to defend myself and the University officials couldn’t produce the invitation letter with my signature and the acclaimed crime that’s against the constitution of Nigeria.

“10 months (July 2021) after my reinstatement by the Governor of Akwa Ibom State,” he narrated.

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