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Reactions Trail Death of Young Lady Who Died During Plastic Surgery in Lagos Hospital


Reactions Trail Death of Young Lady Who Died During Plastic Surgery in Lagos Hospital

Reactions have continued to trail the death of a young Nigerian lady, Port Harcourt influencer, simply identified as Crystabel who died in Lagos hospital during body enhancement.

A friend of the deceased @poshcupcake who broke the news on Twitter had revealed to Nigerians that the hospital kept mute on her friend’s death after a failed plastic surgery.

According to her, the family of the young lady were only informed about her death days after they visited the hospital to ask about her whereabouts.

She wrote; “I want to bring this to the public, A friend just died at this hospital in Lagos Nigeria, few days ago. where she underwent surgery.

“Now I’m not against anybody that wants to enhance their body or anything as such, is your body life and choice, So do what you love but I’m against doctors that claim they have experience abroad, come down to Nigeria to kill young people.

“After the surgery, she complained of bleeding and the doctors claimed it’s normal, it will stop, now this is the problem, how are you a highly skilled and professional plastic Surgeon with experience abroad and someone you finish operating on, complained about bleeding and you said it’s normal, it will stop?”.

Accusing the hospital of alleged medical negligence, she emphasized that “neglecting her no care whatsoever! Are you sick! the most annoying part here is, that this gal died days ago without anybody knowing and the Hospital did not find it needful to contact any of her relatives.

“Until the few friends who knew she was going for surgery said she was supposed to have been back since days now, now they decided to go to the hospital to check on her; arriving they were offered a letter that her body has been deposited at the mortuary

In the series of tweets that have gone viral, she lamented that “this is sickening, now I think the government need to come into this health System and check the capability of most surgeons and make there own research if really they are well-trained surgeons to be able to operate on humans if not their License should be seized! Arrest and jailed! RIP Crystabel”.

Some celebrities who have reacted to this include OAP Toke Makinwa, Big Brother Naija star, Alex Unusual, Nollywood actresses, Anita Joseph Nazo Okezie.

Big Brother Naija star, Alex shared her thoughts about people undergoing cosmetic surgery.

Alex in Snaps she shared, stated that people who choose to undergo cosmetic surgery are insecure.

The reality star who noted that everyone is insecure about something, added that going for surgery is no “guarantee of perfection or survival.”

Addressing big people, she said why “eat and add to the point where you feel surgery is your only solution”.

Alex Unusual added that “people will never meet the society’s standard and it will never make them less attractive to the right people”.

Reacting to the news, Nollywood star, Anita Joseph took to her timeline to address ladies, telling them to stop seeking validation from other people and desist from getting intimidated by girls with large backside, rather, they should love their God-given body and work on their self esteem.

She wrote:

“Stop seeking Validation from people that don’t really give a fu*k about you “
They won’t be there when the chops are down “
Build your positive self esteem Love yourself “
And be you don’t change for any Anu mpama💪

Don’t let any Mpeteri body shame you at all no gree oh “
Stop getting intimidated when you see girls with natural Bum okwa follow come 😘🚶🏻‍♂️
Maka Ndu gi oh ok bye👌💃💚”

Nollywood actress, Nazo Ekezie drummed her support for ladies who undertake the risks of liposuction in order to flaunt a perfect body.

She urged celebrities and other well meaning Nigerians to concentrate on demanding justice for the late lady, as well as making sure the surgeon is put behind bars instead of condmening the women who undergo plastic surgery.

She wrote, ” I am more worried, about careless and unqualified plastic surgeon getting away with murder in this country because we are more focused on shamming people who want to change their bodies . People are dying let focus on that and don’t you dare come for me … I have never gone under the knife.

“Let us get rid of the hypocrisy in this country for once and speak the truth …. THESE DOCTORS SHOULD BE LOCKED UP AND THIER PLACE OF BUSINESS CLOSED ! Stop with the ” love your body advice”. It is not that easy for everyone….these fake doctors are killing people…. LETS FOCUS! I am so pissed. A very unpopular opinion …I know most of the people shouting “why change the body God gave you” are also buying and drinking herbs to increase pen*s size ….a lot of you are guilty! Stop shaming people and focus on the real truth.”

Popular Fashion Designer and Stylist, Toyin Lawani of Tiannahplacempire fame opened up on the numbers of surgeries she had done.

Her explaination came after a fan called her out for claiming she has never done liposuction before.

According to the fan, Toyin Lawani had done beauty surgeries more than twice and also did another immediately after the birth of her third child.

While defending herself, Lawani claimed she had only done few surgeries with good reasons.

She wrote, ” Do u knw why I love Responding to such false accusations, Cause you can’t tell me what I have done or not done , or maybe I should just accept&lie on myself. Now let me Educate yall abit. Which I do from time to time whn I read such nonsense , see it’s kids of nowadays that are getting tripped about surgery.

“My ist surgery was 16years ago. I found out I had lumps in Breast which spread to my rib cage,which gv me severe pains . I operate it in dubai then at emirates hospital by dr Ali Saab ,my left breast was disfigured after & I opted for implants, some of us don’t do this things for the beauty ,my boobs was ok before it , now years after before I had my son, I had a 360 lipo on my stomach ,which was done in Beverly Hills , see when u do 360lipo from an experienced doc it will definitely bring out your curves more.

“Now after I had my son ,my body snapped back asap cause I workout&use a lot of herbs ,I put in a lot of work ,now docs will advice u to replace ur breast implants every 10 years if u hv a lump situation like mine ,which was the surgery I did after I had my son , implant replacement& also my 6packs surgery ,yes there’s 6packs surgery &it’s done for people who don’t have any fat to take out on their tummy again, just to define , he suggested a tummy tuck to make it more flatter, I said hell no , I’ve hear people die from it , it was done in turkey .

“I loved the results so much ,fast forward to when I had last my child ,the ist time I would actually get cut 3ce was from fibroid surgeries, the ist Caesarian was frm having her , which they had to reopen the same scar again , how can u do a cosmetic surgery whn u just had major cs , I showed people my stomach 5days after I had her with the cut ,whn they didn’t belive I had cs ,yet they still claimed I had a cosmetic surgery 5days having a baby, edeberu olorun hanhan 🤣🤣🤣

“See if U care 4ur body after surgery it will always bounce back & if u also eat too much , u will lose the whole work u did , I’m not one to hide what hv done or want to do.”

However, @poshcupcake on Thursday viaTwitter promised to give more details about the death of her friend at appropriate time. According to her, Friends and families are still grieving.

She wrote “Good morning everyone. I will speak further on this situation at the appropriate time. Friends and families are still grieving, and please put the family in your prayers. Thank you for all your heartfelt condolences.”

Lagos State Government and the Hospital in question were yet to comment on the issue.

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