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Nigeria and its Political Structure By Ishowo Malik Ayomide


Nigeria and its Political Structure By Ishowo Malik Ayomide

Nigeria and its political Structure.

By: Ishowo Malik Ayomide

We all understand that every single human being in the world has his or her own associated political structure and sentiments.

However when the social structure is dismaying and the polity is at the serious risk of being rendered asunder such that no one is ultimately the beneficial owner, the political class puts on its cap in search of a political solution and alternative.

As a matter of fact politics exist over the globe as the determinant of who gets what, how, where and when. It is through politics that infrastructural project and building are built; it also takes political disagreements, and fight if not well managed and maintained to pull such fine structures down.

Though evidently we all know that politics is at the foundation of our country’s problem. The declaration of the search for a political solution by the Federal Government must be open and sincere.

As per what I read Abraham Lincoln was of a low background than our current President Buhari and indeed described by Wikipedia as being born into abject poverty.

He self educated himself, became a lawyer and U.S. Congressman from Illinois. In 1849, he returned to his law practice but became angry by the opening of additional lands to slavery.

So, he reentered politics in 1854 and ran for President in 1860. The economy responded rather positively and the entire world was the better for it. He was White yet sided with the oppressed Blacks, dealing a fatal blow on the slavery-based economy of the Whites. He did not seek for them, the more slavery lands but rather closed the routes through which many have died as articles of trade. Though he died on April 4, 1865 according to my Wikipedia from an assassin bullets, yet he accomplished his vision within just 4 years.

No elected President of Nigeria enjoyed the level of Buhari’s goodwill at the beginning. He actually had virtually all the nation’s human resources at his call to make his administration the best Nigerians ever had, including a very cerebral deputy who, as Attorney General of Lagos State, used the instrumentality of the judicial process to fight for a truly federal Nigeria with the concomitant devolution of powers to the states; he has men who have served the country in different capacities and whose experiences were available for him. He actually jettisoned these resources and placed the destiny of Nigeria in the hands of his few boys led by Malami, whose only political exposure was being the legal adviser of President Buhari CPC.The political vacuum created was capitalised upon by individuals using him as a shed to execute their personal aim and agenda as the case may be.

However a political solution or let me just say remedy is known forth and deployed when a State is faced with crises and in search of solution. The political solution must be total, clear, obstructive laws in abeyance for sake of the humanity. This must have been at the back of Chief Ayo Adebanjo also, the Acting Leader of the Afeni Fere When he insisted that President Buhari should ensure the restructuring of Nigeria before 2023, admonishing that he set up a Government of National unity in its realisation.

Chief Edwin Clark as well, leader of the southern and middle belt leaders forum has recently warned of the catastrophic effects of the refusal of Mr President that Nigeria restructure. The President and his parochial advisers should realize that he nor they together possess no magical strength to make or remake Nigeria in his or their own image or reputation. They must actually wake up from their dreams to the reality that Nigeria is not and never will be part of any person tribes fief.

Apparently today in Ondo State, Owo town about 5O people feared dead in a Catholic church of God. Is this not a country of intimidation? The security state of the country is also jeopardizing and precarious. It’s only God that can come to our aid in this country.

ISHOWO, Malik Ayomide.

Ishowo is a Student and Learner based in Ilorin.

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