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469 Foreign-trained Medical, Dental Graduates Failed MDCN Assessment Test


469 Foreign-trained Medical, Dental Graduates Failed MDCN Assessment Test

Medical and Dental Council of Nigeria (MDCN) disclosed on Tuesday that no fewer than 469 foreign-trained medical and dental graduates failed its assessment test, hence they are disqualified for induction as medical doctors.

MDCN Chairman Prof Abba Waziri Hassan, who disclosed the information at the induction ceremony of 178 foreign-trained medical and dental graduates, expressed concern about the quality of medical education being received by the students from some foreign medical schools.

He said: “I once more wish to emphasise the necessity of conducting the MDCN examination. It is to assess the quality of candidates trained outside Nigeria. We appreciate that as long as there are inadequate vacancies to absorb qualified candidates in our medical and dental colleges, some have to go abroad for medical and dental training.

“It is very important to re-emphasise the need for those sponsoring candidates abroad to seek guidance from the MDCN and NUC as to which medical schools abroad are considered of a satisfactory standard.

“It is also worthy of note that a total number of 647 medical and dental graduates appeared for the June 2022 examination, and out of this number, 172 medical graduates (26.5%) and 6 (0.93%) dental graduates passed; giving a total of 178 successful candidates with the overall percentage pass of 27.5 per cent.

“The regional experience of the African students studying overseas particularly in Eastern Block also shows a great deficiency in their training. While MDCN recorded a 27.5 per cent pass at the June 2022 assessment examination, Ghana recorded 20 per cent and South Africa recorded 27 per cent in similar examinations.

“This trend has again brought to the fore the need for many of our wards attending medical and dental schools in the Eastern Block and some other countries where experiences have shown poor or substandard medical education, to attend a remediation programme to bring their knowledge at par with the standard of medical education available anywhere in Nigeria. This is the main essence of the assessment examination itself.

“This will not only improve their knowledge and be successful in the examination but will equally improve their skills and make them become more confident to practice the profession without the fear of putting the lives of members of their families and that of the larger society at a risk or in jeopardy.”

Prof Waziri admitted Nigeria has insufficient medical schools, hence he encouraged Federal and State Governments, as well as philanthropists, to invest more in the establishment of medical schools to provide opportunities for interested students to acquire quality and affordable knowledge.

He said that, while efforts are being made by MDCN and the NUC to increase the carrying capacities of the existing medical schools and encourage the opening of new ones, parents/guardians and state governments should be cautious as to which countries to send wards for medical and dental training.

He congratulated the parents/guardians of the 178 inductees for their efforts in seeing that the new medical doctors pass the assessment test which qualified them for induction as medical doctors.

He told the inductees that the exercise mark the beginning of their career in the medical profession, and advised them to be humble and dedicated to the service of their patients
in order to succeed.

He also advised that they shelve malpractices by not attending to cases that they are not capable to handle, and seek guidance from their seniors at the right time. “Develop a good understanding with your colleagues, seniors and other health professionals that you will work within the overall interest of your patients.”

He reminded them the oath administered to them should be the watchword of their practice for life.

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