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MFB Director Accuses Banks in Yobe of Diversion of N4.3 billion New Naira Notes


MFB Director Accuses Banks in Yobe of Diversion of N4.3 billion New Naira Notes

The Managing Director, Yobe Microfinance Bank, Sheriff Almuhajir, on Tuesday, alleged that the sum of N4.3 billion disbursed by the Central Bank of Nigeria to banks in the state had been diverted.

Almuhajir made this allegation in a 4:31-seconds-video footage posted to his Facebook handle.

He said, “I want to tell you that I got reliable information that the Central Bank of Nigeria, Damaturu Branch, has disbursed the sum of 4.3 billion naira to banks in Yobe State.

“And more than N700 million of the amount was meant for PoS (Point of Sales) agents.”

He alleged that the N4.3 billion disbursed to commercial banks was not in circulation in the state, accusing some bank managers of diverting the funds out of the state.

“But the question I want to ask here is, where is this money?” he lamented.

He further alleged that the new naira notes currently in circulation across the state were not up to one billion Naira, stressing that even if the ATMs (Automated Teller Machines) would be dispensing cash every minute, the amount could not be withdrawn in a week.

“What is the population of Yobe State?

“How many commercial banks do we have in this state? How many ATMs do we have?,” he quried.

The microfinance bank MD noted that Yobe State does not have up to 50 functional ATMs for people to withdraw N4.3 billion in a short period of time.

Almuhajir added that some Points of Sale operators provide better services than most commercial banks operating in the state.

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