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Tinubu’s Emergence Sanctions by God – Cleric


Tinubu’s Emergence Sanctions by God – Cleric

Prophet Wale Ojo of the Harvest Centre Mission, Ikorodu Lagos, says Sen. Bola Tinubu’s emergence as President-elect after the Feb. 25 polls have been sanctioned by God.

Mr Ojo, the Presiding Shepherd of the Mission, gave the message at a news conference on Monday at Alausa Ikeja.

It was to douse tension, confer legitimacy and clear the air on the President elect’s spiritual standing.

The prophet, known for his empirical prophecies, had in January 2021 prophesised that Tinubu would be the next President of Nigeria.

Mr Ojo said that God would use Tinubu as the vessel to deliver Nigeria and Africa out of the wools in a way that the whole world would wonder.

He said that for the two leaders to have come from the same faith (Muslim-Muslim) did not matter to God.

He added that when God looked for people to lead, their ethnic, colour or religious inclination did not come into consideration; rather their ability to work according to God’s designed plan.

The preacher said that in the past, God used former President Obasanjo to cancel Nigerian’s debt to the Paris Club, that He has remained the same God and was working to use the President-elect as a vessel to totally liberate the people and bring succor to the people.

According to him, as the birth, death and resurrection of Christ remain a mystery to man, so shall Tinubu’s leadership and great exploits during his dispensation be at liberating Nigeria and Africa from poverty and crisis.

“God is not a man; His words are His bond, thank God for the revelation two years ago has come through. It is for us to support the President-elect with our prayers in order for him not to derail from the divine plan.

“For those saying his emergence does not follow due process, God does not follow man’s processes, rather His ways like the birth of Jesus Christ have remained a mystery to man. The bottom line is did His words come to pass?

“In every contest, there must be a winner and a loser the reactions to the outcome of the election is expected in human society, but as believers, we should look beyond the physical and listen to the voice of God.

“As a people, we believe in the power of prayer and God; it is our duty to present the president-elect and the nation to God through our supplications for things to be turned around for the common good, as otherwise will not pay the country,” he said.

He added that he did not know Tinubu personally and had not requested to know him but with the knowledge of God, he knew using the rejected things to spring surprises, that Tinubu would change the economic fortunes of the country for the better.

He noted that one of the divine mandates given to Tinubu was to bring an end to the subsisting human carnage in the country occasioned by insurgents, banditry and kidnapping.


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