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Sudan: Why Nigerian Youths Are Moving Out of Country – ASUU President


Sudan: Why Nigerian Youths Are Moving Out of Country – ASUU President

Tribune Online

As many Nigerian nationals including students are still being trapped in Sudan due to the ongoing regional crisis there, the President of the Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU), Prof Emmanuel Osodeke, has taken a swipe at the Nigerian government, saying its failure to make Nigeria’s educational system work and attractive is causing youths to be moving in drove to other countries to study.

He also said a similar situation is responsible for many university lecturers and medical and health personnel to equally be going abroad for greener pastures.

Osodeke in an interview with Nigerian Tribune said the most disturbing aspect of it is that most youths in particular just go abroad to study not minding the conditions of the countries they are heading to.

He said for example why Nigerians should be rushing to Sudan a crisis-ridden country to study if the home is friendly.

He said that is why it’s pathetic and shameful that Nigeria finds itself in this kind of situation as a country.

He asked rhetorically if any other nationals including those from poor and wanton countries such as Sudanese are studying in any Nigerian public universities, saying he doubts there is any just because the system is not attractive to them.

Northern group condemns FG over situation of Nigerians in Sudan
Osodeke, however, urged the Federal Government to ensure safe evacuation and return home of all Nigerians, including students who are trapped in Sudan.

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