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What I Inherited From Buhari’s Government – President Tinubu


What I Inherited From Buhari’s Government – President Tinubu

President Bola Ahmed Tinubu has revealed that he inherited both liabilities and assets from his predecessor, Muhammadu Buhari, adding that no budget or penny has been removed by his government.

Tinubu said this on Friday during his first meeting with the All Progressives Congress (APC) governor under the umbrella of the Progressive Governors Forum at the Council Chamber, Abuja.

The President also told the governors that the government must make decisions that affect all Nigerians.

On the issue of leadership of the National Assembly, Tinubu asked the governors to set up a committee to meet with the Senate President.

He said, “This is about Nigerian project, not about Bola Tinubu. I don’t have dealership in petroleum products and I don’t intend to have one.

“The situation that we have seen is one, I inherited, and it is fundamental, I inherited assets and liabilities of my predecessor.

“No budget, no penny that has been removed. This is the first time you are entering the Council Chamber, this is the first time I’m entering it too. But we have to push on. We have to make decisions that affect all of us.

“You as progressive thinkers, under the umbrella of our, have a very serious role to play in educating the people, and making sure that we manage ourselves.

“I will take the opportunity to appeal to you on the leadership of the National Assembly. Maybe get a committee to see the Senate President so that if there are areas of conflict or inadequacies, from there, collaborative leadership can strengthen it out and negotiate and make a deal and get the stability that they should go ahead with.

“We need to do arithmetics and soul searching on the minimum wage. We will have to look at that. We are digging deep into the revenue of the federal republic of Nigeria. We must strengthen the sources and application of those sources. Where is it coming from?

“Mainly, security, then, revenue. We had a discussion on that and I want you to continue in that plan. If we think together and work together, the Nigeria of our dreams is not far away.

“I’m sure we are not going to have multiple exchange rates.”

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