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Details of President Tinubu’s Meeting With Ogun Monarchs


Details of President Tinubu’s Meeting With Ogun Monarchs

President Bola Ahmed Tinubu, yesterday, declared that with him at the saddle, the hope for a better Nigeria has been recharged and it would not fail.

The President also urged Nigerians not to be in a hurry in seeking solutions to the challenges facing the nation as he was taking “baby steps of faith” as the president.

He stated this at the Palace of the Alake and Paramount Ruler of Egbaland, Oba Adedotun Aremu Gbadebo, as part of his royal visits to traditional rulers in the state.

He also visited the Awujale and Paramount Ruler of Ijebuland, Oba Sikiru Adetona, where he disclosed that he invoked spirit of Awujale’s “Emi lokan” before the election.

He informed the gathering that despite the ineffective cashless policy implemented by the Central Bank of Nigeria and the immediate past administration of Muhammadu Buhari, he was hopeful and optimistic about achieving victory in the last presidential election.

In the run-up to the general elections, the apex bank had introduced a naira redesign policy and scheduled February 10 as deadline for the use of old N200, N500, and N1,000 bank notes. It insisted on it despite a court order against enforcing the deadline.

Due to public outcry, former president, Buhari, backed down and directed the CBN to recirculate old N200 notes.

Tinubu recalled: “Our money was confiscated. The cashless policy didn’t work, it was terrible then. I realised that I came to this palace to invoke the spirit of freedom which we are noted for.

“I invoked that spirit twice. The spirit of Baba Emilokan. That’s Baba. Being blunt, being decisive, that’s him, he will tell you.

“The second spirit is that money or no money (we will do the election and we will win).

“The way you have taken me, the way you have responded to me, all I can say is thank you. May you live long and may you witness a prosperous Nigeria.”

Tinubu assured that he was determined to deliver on all campaign promises, calling for prayers after achieving his ‘Emilokan’ prayer point.

“Having achieved the prayer point of ‘Emilokan’, what I ask for is prayer for this country. I am determined to help this country, to steer the ship of the nation and to deliver on all promises that were made.

“I am here still making that pledge of the campaign promises. There’s no difference between us and any other member of the Nigerian public. I said it in France that we are children of the same parents, living in the same house, but we are only sleeping in different bedrooms. Just recognize that.

“Let’s be united, no distractions. We will arrive at a positive destination in the country. It’s all in our hands to make history and I will do that. By the grace of God, we shall reap the fruits of our labour. Nigeria will see positive changes.”

At the Alake’s Palace, the president asked Nigerians to go with him through what he called the baby steps of faith.

“Let’s go through this baby steps of faith. I am taking baby steps as the president. Let’s not be in a hurry. Be ready for this. Maintain an open-door policy. Let the freedom flow. Let the confidence return. This country is the only country we have. I’ve been a refugee and I know what it means to be a refugee,” he said.

The president also eulogised Oba Adetona as a man of uncommon courage who he owed lots of appreciation for his support during the 2023 presidential elections.

He said his visit was to thank the royal father, the chiefs and the entire people of the state for their love and support toward his emergence as president.

The Awujale, in his remarks, expressed satisfaction with the various programmes already initiated by the president and sought for support from all the citizens.

While expressing confidence in Tinubu’s capacity and capability to take Nigeria to the promise land, the royal father prayed God to grant the president guidance, good health and wisdom.

Also speaking, Oba Babatunde Ajayi, Akaraigbo of Remoland, who commended Tinubu for starting his administration exceptionally well, noted that the people need urgent palliatives to mitigate the effects of the current challenges. He lauded the wise decisions so far taken by the administration and reminded the president of his promise to bring development to Remo.

“I remember when you came to the palace and all we said is our dream is for you to go and win the primaries, and that once you win the primaries, I’m sure that God will take us there. I’m glad that God took us there.

“I want to remind you of what you said when you came to Remo. You said with the proximity of Sagamu to Lagos, you were surprised at the level of development in Remo. This is the time Mr. President to walk that talk,” he said.

On his visit to Ogun State, Tinubu disclosed that he only wanted to sneak in and sneak out.

“Now I know what it means to be the president. I was determined to be here to say thank you to a great leader, Oba Gbadebo and to all of us here.

“Aremo (Olusegun Osoba) well done; Dimeji Bankole, well done, (Ibikunle) Amosun, well done. Chairman of our party, I’m grateful, at least, we delivered despite the hardship of no money, no fuel; I credit you.

“This visit, I didn’t know that it would be like this. I only wanted to sneak in and sneak out; now I know exactly what it is to be a president. It is awesome. The hope is recharged right here. That hope will never fail. That hope will recharge your light…Please, we need your prayers, we need your support, we need your interventions so that the economic prosperity of this nation being opened up will affect everyone of you positively,” President Tinubu submitted.

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