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Police Arrest Traditional Priest For Obstructing Demolition Exercise


Police Arrest Traditional Priest For Obstructing Demolition Exercise

A demolition exercise being conducted by the government in the Nima district of Ghana was interrupted when local youths summoned a fetish priest to intervene.

The priest, adorned in traditional regalia, attempted to halt the operation by pouring fetish liquid on a caterpillar bulldozer involved in the demolition.

However, the intervention took an unexpected twist as law enforcement swiftly apprehended the priest on charges of obstructing official proceedings.

According to a Twitter user known as Aboagyle, who documented the incident, tensions were high as government officials proceeded with the demolition exercise in Nima.

Seeking an unconventional solution, the youths sought the assistance of a native doctor to put a stop to the operation.

A video shared by Aboagyle captured the priest’s arrival at the site, where he donned his ceremonial attire and proceeded to pour the mysterious liquid on the bulldozer.

Eyewitnesses reported that the priest’s actions drew the attention of both the crowd and the police, leading to a confrontation between the priest and law enforcement officers.

In a surprising turn of events, the police took swift action to apprehend the priest on charges of obstructing the demolition exercise, a government-sanctioned operation.

The Twitter user, who shared the video footage of the incident, remarked on the unexpected outcome.

He wrote;

“There’s a demolition exercise going on in Nima and boys called a fetish priest to come and intervene ??? they have arrested the fetish priest as we speak. ??????.”

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