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TOGO’s PIA, The Multimodal Industrial Centre that Makes the Pride of LOME


TOGO’s PIA, The Multimodal Industrial Centre that Makes the Pride of LOME

TOGO PIA, The Multimodal Industrial Centre that Makes the Pride of LOME;
Operational since January 2022,

The Adetikope Industrial Platform (PIA) is a model of success. Located some thirty kilometres from Togo’s capital, Lomé, and managed by the Arise IIP group, it is and will be both an economic development centre and a dry port.

The Adetikope industrial platform is the result of a public-private partnership between the Togolese government and the Arise Industrial Integrated Platform group.

On the one hand, it is located a few kilometres from the container terminals of the Autonomous Port of Lomé, in a strategic position on the backbone of the Lomé-Burkina Faso-Niger corridor.PIA is also a dry port.

As Kokou Edem Tengue, Togo’s Minister of Maritime Economy

Fisheries and Coastal Protection, points out, the dry port is an extension of the Port Autonome de Lomé.In a pragmatic way, containers coming from or going to Niger, Burkina Faso and Mali will be consolidated at this dry port in an area capable of handling 300 containers per day for these logistical operations.

The containers will then be transported to this area under a bonded transport regime, eliminating the need for customs operations.

To optimise links with the port of Lomé and avoid congestion on the roads leading to the north of the country, transport operations from the port of Lomé are carried out at night.

As Kokou Edem Tengue points out, the Adetikope Plate-forme is a vertically integrated industrial zone focused on creating value chains for storage, processing, manufacturing and export.To complete the picture, PIA offers a favourable tax regime for companies setting up there. To date, several companies have chosen to set up in Adetikope.

These include Togo Routes Industries, Togo Soja, NutriSource, etc. The attractiveness of the Adetikope industrial platform lies in the fact that a one-stop shop has been set up in an office in the area.

This means that investors dealing with the Togolese administration can get what they need without having to travel to the capital. Warehouses, manufacturing plants, government offices, employee housing and a shopping centre have helped make PIA a city within a city.

While the first phase of 128,000 sq. m is already sold out, a second phase is planned for the near future. It will cover 878 hectares. An expansion that will finally allow PIA to become the multimodal industrial centre it has always dreamed of becoming.

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