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Sanusi, Other Deposed Emirs in Kano History


Sanusi, Other Deposed Emirs in Kano History

Punch Newspaper

Kano, a city steeped in history and tradition, has witnessed a turbulent past marked by the frequent depositions and removals of its traditional rulers, the Emirs.

On Thursday, the Kano State House of Assembly repealed the law establishing additional emirates. The Assembly dissolved all the four newly created emirate councils in the state.

The dissolution of the affected Emirates was a sequel to deliberations on the floor of the House during plenary on Thursday.

However, according to a write-up by historian and author, Malam Adnan Bawa Bello and posted by Kano Chronicle on Thursday via X, the first recorded deposition of a Sarki (Emir) in Kano dates back to 1247-1290, when Guguwa Dan Gijimasu was removed from his throne.

Over the centuries, numerous Emirs have faced similar fates, some ruling for mere days before being ousted.

“The second Sarki reported to have been deposed/dethroned was Dakauta Dan Abdullahi Baja in 1452. He was said to have ruled Kano for just one day,” Bello’s account states.

Other notable depositions include Sarki Atuma Dan Dakauta, who ruled for a mere seven days in 1452, and Sarki Yakubu Dan Kisoke, who was dethroned in 1565 after a reign of just four months and 29 days, though he was later offered reinstatement, which he declined.

The pious Sarki Abubarkar Kado Dan Rumfa, who ruled from 1565 to 1573, was also removed after 8.5 years, while Sarki Alhaji Dan Kutumbi (1648-1649) was deposed and settled in Dan-Zaki village in Gezawa.

Bello’s account further highlights the turbulent reigns of Sarki Kukuna Dan Alhaji, who was deposed and reinstated in 1651-1652, and Sarki Soyaki Dan Shekarau, who ruled for only three months before being sacked in 1652.

After a 250-year respite from depositions, the British colonial authorities deposed Sarkin Kano Alu in 1903, exiling him to Yola and later Lokoja, where he died in the 1920s.

Subsequently, the Acting Sarki Waziri Allah bar Sarki was removed in 1909 by the British Resident Officer in Kano, Mr. Temple.

More recently, Sarkin Kano Sanusi I was deposed in 1963 after being indicted for financial misappropriation by the Muffet Committee of Enquiry, while Sarkin Kano Muhammadu Sanusi II (Sanusi Lamido Sanusi) was deposed by Governor Abdullahi Umar Ganduje on March 9, 2020, and taken to Loko in Nasarawa State.

In the latest development, the repeal of the Kano Emirates Council Law by the state House of Assembly, abolished the establishment of five new Emirates in the state, effectively setting aside all offices established under the repealed law.

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