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Fact Check: Did Victor Osimhen fight Leon Balogun, Francis Uzoho in Super Eagles camp?


Fact Check: Did Victor Osimhen fight Leon Balogun, Francis Uzoho in Super Eagles camp?

Victor Osimhen, Nigeria’s most celebrated striker, recently vented his frustrations on social media towards Super Eagles coach Finidi George.

Osimhen reacted to an online publication suggesting that Finidi questioned his commitment to playing for Nigeria and refused to beg him to join the Super Eagles Super Eagles.

This incident followed Finidi’s resignation after disappointing results against South Africa and Benin, and the Nigerian Football Federation’s (NFF) decision to hire a foreign Technical Adviser.

Finidi, who was dealing with his own professional challenges, took some time to refute the report.

By the time he did, Osimhen had already made his grievance public. The situation has since sparked a week of chaos, dividing public opinion.

Some support Osimhen for defending his reputation, while others believe he disrespected a Nigerian legend and should apologize publicly, with some even calling for his ban from the national team.

Does Osimhen have a ‘bad boy’ reputation?

Amidst this turmoil, there have been revelations that suggest that Osimhen has a history of picking up fights.

According to OwnGoalNigeria, Osimhen’s recent outburst was not his first disciplinary issue with the national team, alleging past conflicts with teammates and coaches.

As per the report, Osimhen had fights with Leon Balogun in 2019 and Francis Uzoho, suggesting a pattern of poor behaviour.

The report also quoted former teammate John Ogu, who mentioned these incidents and described Osimhen as a “combustive player” who often reacts without thinking.

This portrayal has fueled speculation and criticism, with some arguing that Osimhen is a negative influence on the team.

Fact-Check from can confirm that while there were indeed training ground squabbles between Osimhen and Balogun, as well as Uzoho, these were typical of the intensity seen in football training sessions globally.

Such incidents are common and are usually resolved quickly, without lingering animosity.

Regarding claims of Osimhen being a negative influence, it is essential to highlight his fierce competitiveness and commitment.

Osimhen’s drive to win sometimes leads to high-intensity interactions with teammates and coaches.

Last season, he had a couple of disputes with Napoli teammates and coach Luciano Spalletti, yet they all knew all he did was for the good of the team. Osimhen’s goals would later power Napoli to their first Scudetto title in over 30 years.

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