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By: Busy Brain

Wonders shall never end in Nigeria. Everyday is for hot and burning gists and all the gists so far have been so interesting, at times, irritating and at the same time, provoking. Nigeria as whole is now full of drama, from political angle to entertainment corridor and now, the drama has traversed to tertiary institutions’ spellbound.

From political angle, the drama rallies around the third term rumour of Mr. President, the rumour of 900million that turned to paper in EFCC custody, the Vice President Yemi Osinbajo’s curroption allegation and lots more. For the entertainment, the drama is all about Big Brother Naija housemates, Next rated artist award, M.I and Vector saga while the newest and hot episode is all about sex for grades documentary among the West Africa Universities’ lecturers.

It is beyond reasonable doubt that, the trending sex for grades video released by BBC has thrown many lecturers into a very tight corner. Of course, all days for a thief and one day is for the owner. Many out of the lecturers in Nigeria Universities, Polytechnics and Colleges of Education know within their inner minds that, they are thieves when it comes to sex for grades combine with extortion. Over 90% of the lecturers teaching in tertiary institutions do engage in sexual harassment. They only adopt different methodologies in the process.

Horrendously, many untold hardship had fallen like snows on helpless students who could not voice out. Many students had suffered and still suffering from series of sexual harassment and threat of failure from these reckless and feckless lecturers. The tragedy of the matter is that, the management of many institutions would claim to protect the name and identity of any student who summon courage to report sexual harassment case(s). Whereas, in actual sense, it is like reporting a thief to a criminal. They are bird of a feather that protect themselves and cover up their misdeeds and misconducts. That’s the reason why I’m still wondering why the UNILAG management decided to shut down the cold room after the video has gone viral. Does that mean the school management were not aware of how lecturers do abuse the cold room for sexual harassment before? Is it not an act of hypocrite to have shut down the cold room after the video is all over the world? Why waiting for BBC to release documentary before shutting down the cold room? Well, we tend to profer solution to the problems that have already gone out of hands in Nigeria.

Pathetically, we do talk about the ills and bad governance of our pot bellies representatives in Aso Rock, what of the philanderer professors, sexually maladjusted PhD holders who are to shape leaders of tomorrow but ironically, destroying myriad hopes and dreams through their do or fail affairs. Truly, Dr. Boniface Igbeneghu of UNILAG has been suspended by 4square church and by the school management. Yet, such suspension still remains a lenient consequence. He should be totally dismissed if found guilty. No sinner shall go unpunished.

I hope Nigeria media houses would also join hands to wash off menace of irritable acts and misconducts that have come to roost in our tertiary institutions. Like a dismissed Professor Akindele of OAU, here is another Dr. Boniface from UNILAG cold room. Kudos to Kiki Mordi of BBC for this investigation. May journalistic hook continue to catch more fish inside cold room built in Nigeria tertiary institutions. Let the sex for grades lecturers keep it up, the nemesis is also on the run.

Kudos to the sane, principled and modest lecturers out there. I revere you all in an inexplicable awe. Only few ones fall into this category. Are you among the few principled, sane and modest lecturers in Nigeria? Get yourself an answer Sir. Good day!

Busy Brain is an award winning writer. A Mass Communication graduate from the Federal Polytechnic Offa…the fastest growing Polytechnic in Nigeria

Twitter: @BusyBraincom1

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