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Is Former Education Still the way? By Anighoro Michael


Is Former Education Still the way? By Anighoro Michael

Anighoro Michael

In the process of growing up, I read and listen to testimonies of people on how Education has paved way and placed them in the path of achievement
And likewise how past and present Leaders enjoyed quality education and scholarship alongside with unlimited opportunities for them to become who they aspire to be in life.

It’s quiet unfortunate, because reverse is the case for our generation, in sadness of heart and in dismayed I begin to wonder is this the same Nigeria where our leaders once told us about, how they ate free meal in school, how they were sent abroad for trainings, how they get good job upon graduation and lots more to mention few. It begins to sound like a fairy tale to me or rather should I say like a myth. My worries wouldn’t have birthed this write up if not for what I witnessed during the last convocation in my school, and i begin to wonder if education is still the key to success or should I rather say if education still gives us a glimpse to success
I cant but just ponder & wonder, do education still opens door?
Do librarian still rule the world?
If the answer is yes,
How come the overall graduating student from the department of Accountancy was awarded #10000 from the rector and #500 from an icon whom I presumed should know the value of hardwork of this graduant, after spending 5yrs Of rigorous hard work and surprisingly someone spend just 3 months in a reality T.V show only to be awarded 60 million without stress or going through any academic activities.

How can you convince the youth that watching convocation programme is better than watching a T.V reality show and the best graduating student can not afford a tfare back to his house while another will walk away with a brown new car from this same show . How can you convince the youth that formal education is the best when a friend of mine who graduated as the Overall best student couldnt get an automatic job offer yet u see another getting an Automatic multi-million Naira endorsement only for a 3months realty show.

This so called educational system of ours is deteriorating on daily basis, little do I wonder why we have so many social crimes and crisis out there today, when excellence is no longer celebrated but mediocrity is order of the day, where Young and vibrant ones with creative minds and ideas are being neglected and God fatherism, bribery and corruption is awarded in place of intellectual intelligence and yet we see graduates certificate depreciate instead of it to appreciate, we all keep mute and see how the so called educational system goes into Cardiac arrest with no one to rescue it.
No! We must not continue Like this
It’s time who celebrate outstanding students in various Field, they have paid the price, they deserve the prize

Finally, Lecturers celebrate that young guy or Girl that got highest mark in your course.
HOD buying of Laptop for the best student in your department won’t make the department Broke
Deans, the faculty due is not met for social live alone, presenting of reasonable amount of money to the best student won’t make the faculty go Bankrupt
Vice chancellor, Rector, Provost can’t you retain your Product? Are you not proud of him or her
It’s time to wakeup and do the needful
Convocation is also a medium to sell your best products to outsider

Anighoro Michael (D’seeker)

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