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Online Tools to consider for your business


Online Tools to consider for your business

Are you nursing ambition of kick starting or already have one business? Looking for tools that would help optimize it? Worry not! As there are relatively free tools that can take your struggling businesses to the peak of your desire.

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Here are some business tools that you may need to increase your productivity as compiled by The Loft:

• Microsoft 365 personal: This gives you licensed MS Office tools and allows you access your work files on the go. You will be able to create PowerPoint documents on your phone and update your notes.
Cost: 2500/month

• Slack: if you work with teams that have to constantly interact, consider using Slack. You can create channels for general correspondence and also have personal chats. Slack can also be integrated with the IM on your website to interact with customers who have enquiries.

• Calendly: Scheduling meetings is easier with this tool. You share a link and people are able to schedule a meeting on days when you’re free. See? Easy!

• Canva: Design simple banners for your business using Canva. There are editable templates so you don’t need previous design experience to use it.

• Waveapps: Do you struggle with invoicing? Use WaveApps to create invoices for your clients and monitor your payments. Best part? It’s Free!

• Freshbooks/Quickbooks: Automate your accounting using any of these. There are some free packages. Many organizations use Quickbooks, you should get familiar. 😉

• Google Meet: You know how Zoom doesn’t let you talk for longer than 40 minutes for free? You can now use Google Meet for virtual meetings, interviews etc. Yes, you can share your screen too.

• Toggl: This helps you figure out how long it takes to complete your tasks. It’s a time management tool.

• Google Keep: Organize your tasks/to-do list by priority using Google Keep. You will find it on the right side of your google mail page (on a computer); the symbol is a light bulb.

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