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Saudi Arabia Declares Sunday as EID-el-fitr


Saudi Arabia Declares Sunday as EID-el-fitr

As Muslims across the globe are expecting the moon to be sighted in order to mark the last day of Ramadan, and declare the following day as EID-el-fitr, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has declared Sunday as EID-el-fitr, because the moon wasn’t sighted.

Saudi Arabia through its official twitter handle designed to dish out Islamic related updates, @haramainInfo confirmed the development on Friday.

According to the tweets:

The moon has NOT been sighted in Saudi Arabia. #EidAlFitr will be celebrated on Sunday 24th May 2020. In sha Allah

May Allah ﷻ accept our fasting, prayers and ‘ibadah and allow us to end the blessed month of #Ramadan with devotion and ‘ibadah. Aameen

Sighting of the moon is the most preferable option for Muslims to mark the beginning and the end of Islamic lunar, as this was the instruction given by the prophet, as a ground rule in that regard. However, if there is any obscurity regarding the sighting of the moon, the option left for the believers is to count the lunar months which use to consist of 30 or 29 days.

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