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Stop the call for disunity, league of Nigerian youths groups caution Ugochinyere

Press Release

Stop the call for disunity, league of Nigerian youths groups caution Ugochinyere

The league of Nigerian Youth groups have cautioned One Mr Ugochinyere over his incitive statement on Nigeria, as a country and his incessant verbal attack on Mr President.

Leaders of League of Nigerian Youth groups addressing newsmen over national issues that need urgent attention

The youth groups in a statement jointly singed by YAN National Speaker, Hon. Godstime Chukwubuikem Samuel; Hon. Abubakar Sadiq Ahmed, President, Arewa Youth Congress; Hon. Mubaraq Aliyu Rimi, National Speaker, Nigerian Students’ Parliament, and Comrade Salma Musa, Leader, Council of Northern Female Comrades on Monday in Abuja.

According to the statement, “one malpractice we will no longer tolerate. That is the periodic assault and use of hate speeches on President Muhammadu Buhari, my President, our President, the President and commander in chief of the Armed forces of the federal republic of Nigeria.

“We condemn in totality the rascality and incivility of one youth named Ikenga Imo Ugochinyere who is being sponsored by selfish Nigerian leaders opposed to the current leadership of the federal government of Nigeria to periodically sustain the act of abusing and insulting the President of Nigeria Mohammed Buhari.

“We condemn his incitive words of calling on Nigerian youths to forcefully chase the present Government out of power.

“We reject and demand an apology from him in describing Nigeria as a woman! This is an insult our sensibility as a country and also our Nigerian women who by his expression have described them as weaklings.

“His attack on Mr President is one too many and should be condemned by every right thinking Nigerian. We give him two weeks to withdraw all personal attack and insults meted on our president. Youth activism should not be turned into rascality. Enough is enough”.

The group asserted that the attitude of Mr Ugochinyere gives credence to earlier claim by some groups that he is a paid agent to cause chaos and disintegration in the country.

“We and other great Nigerian youth Leaders decided to pull out of his programs and Press Conference having realized that his aim is always to generate tension, abuse elders and statesmen and call for youths to join in destabilising the polity and the government.

“We urge all Nigerian Youths to distance from this approach and urge every right thinking group not to buy into his ugly agenda.

” We support constructive criticism but not destabilization of The country”.

Another issue raised by the groups is the rumoured notices that another lockdown may be announced by the Federal Government following the increase of Covid 19 cases. The groups urge the Presidential task force not to consider such move at this critical time stating that, you can’t move forward and begin to move backwards again.

“Strategic implementation of the policies of PTF on covid 19, how to strengthen what they have put in place, ensuring strict compliance to safety measures and non-pharmaceutical interventions that have been put in place should be the way to go now, not another lockdown.

“We have gotten to the state where every Nigerian must take responsibility and take ownership of how to navigate the pandemic to stay alive and survive it, while the government ensures that the wearing of face masks, use of sanitizers, physical distancing are enforcement strictly, engaging community and religious leaders and all forms of informal leaderships to cede the ownership of fighting the virus to the people.

“We also advice that the ban on intra state travels, operation of local flights be lifted and schools reopened.

Another topical issue raised is the level of insecurity in some part of the country.

“We urge the government to encourage our security agents. Unarguably, there have been recorded cases of attacks by terrorist and insurgents, the Armed Forces are busy daily laying their lives to keep us and our country safe.

“Having made diligent investigation as concerned Nigerian youth Leaders, we warn leaders of the opposition who are against the federal government leadership, fueling crisis by sponsoring bandits and insurgents to destabilize our country to stop forthwith. We condemn the action of those who frustrate the efforts of our security agencies by leaking information. We will no longer tolerate attempts by selfish persons to overthrow government in any guise.

“We propose that the federal government gives special hazard allowances to frontline soldiers same way our front line Health workers are provided for during the Covid 19 outbreak, to further boost their morale.

“There should be increased manpower injected to our Armed Forces. Fighting equipment is key and we suggest that the government sets up an Armed Forces Trust fund same just like the Police Trust Fund to help raise funds for more equipments to aide the Military. It is our candid opinion that if these basics are not met the situation will remain the same even if new service chiefs are introduced. So first thing first”.

The statement also added that, Security is a joint responsibility and not to be left to government alone hereby urges citizens to be security conscious.

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